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About Rock Solid



The mission of Rock Solid is to provide the best steel foundations at an affordable price providing industry-setting customer service.  

Rock Solid Pile Company was born out of a recognized need in Alaska for superior
foundations to the ever-failing traditional concrete sonotubes.  Rock Solid Pile Company is owned by Jason and Jocinda DeLong who have been leaders in the industry for 12 years.



Q & A on the details

Here's the low down on everything you might want to know about Rock Solid's pile drivers... 

Q: What type of machine drives the piles?
A: Rock Solid uses customized excavators fitted with a hydraulic hammer to drive piles.

Q: How much overhead clearance is required?
A: At least 12 ft is required for the excavator arm.

Q: How wide does a gate need to be for access?
A: Even gates as narrow as 4 ft are wide enough.

Q: What is the load capacity of a pile?
A: Depending on the pile size, Rock Solid's piles have a rated capacity of 4,000 - 25,000 pounds.

Q: How does the pile driver not damage grass?
A: Not only do Rock Solid excavators have rubber tracks, but we can lay plywood directly onto sensitive landscaping.


Q: What size pile does an average deck require?
A: 2 inch piles are generally satisfactory for a residential deck.

Q: And, what about a dock? What size pile should I use?
A: A 3 inch pile is the most frequently used dock pile.

Q: When is the best time of year to drive piles?
A: Rock Solid's piles can be driven year-round, even in Alaska's extreme winter months! In fact, we often recommend installing dock piles in the winter right through the ice - this allows the piles to go out from the shore farther and protects the water from debris.

Q: How deep doe the piles go?
A: Rock Solid's piles are driven until resistance or complete refusal, generally 10 ft - 30 ft deep, well below the frost line.

Q: Are piles guaranteed to never frost heave?
A: Although no foundation is guaranteed not to frost heave, steel piles are your best defense in most soil types.



Cost Information

Starting at only $240 per 2 inch steel pile

Piles are driven until resistance or complete refusal, generally 10 ft - 30 ft deep. Prices quoted are for up to 30 ft in depth. Call (907) 903-2018 for an exact quote.

 2" Residential Deck Pile with 4" Bracket

2" Residential Deck Pile with 4" Bracket



2" Steel Pile = $240

3" Steel Pile = $320

4" Steel Pile = $440

5" - 12" Steel Pile = Call or email for an exact quote


Brackets and Hardware:

4" Bracket (to support a 4x4 post) - $15

6" Bracket (to support a 6x6 post) - $25

Custom Hardware - Call or email for an exact quote